About Us


The Everett Station District Alliance (ESDA) is a 501(c)(3) membership organization of local stakeholders collaborating on a vision for the redevelopment of the 50-block neighborhood around the Everett Transit Center.  The transit center opened in 2002 with the intention of catalyzing redevelopment of a vibrant community with housing and jobs within walking distance of the station.  This redevelopment of the neighborhood has not materialized in the intervening years.  In 2014 the ESDA emerged as a voluntary assembly of property owners, business owners, environmental groups, community-building organizations, developers, and transit agencies committed to creating and pursuing a vision for the neighborhood that would stimulate residential growth and economic development of the area in an environmentally responsible and equitable way.

2019 Priorities

  • Formation of a Business Improvement Area

  • Addressing public safety concerns.

  • Addressing on-street parking concerns.

  • Creating a Housing Concept Plan

  • Creating a Streetscape Concept Plan to support investments in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.