Everett Station District Alliance works with business and property owners and other stakeholders to create a shared vision for infrastructure and policy solutions we need now and for the next thirty years as we prepare for Sound Transit's future light rail station in our neighborhood.

Industry & Commercial Activity

The ba​ckbone of our neighborhood is its industrial and commercial businesses.  The Alliance is committed to protecting the blue color jobs in our neighborhood.  We can do this by actively protecting the businesses south of 33rd Street and along Hill Avenue while prioritizing infill development for properties owned by the city and nearest to Everett Station.


The Alliance is working with property owners, businesses, and the City to identify new on-street parking restrictions that better meet the needs of businesses.  Long-term, we are planning how to manage parking while accommodating residential and commercial development

With the region expecting the Everett Station District neighborhood to accommodate more than 32,000 people over the next thirty years, the Alliance is working to ensure the housing is built, and that it is built in a way that meets a full range of incomes and family sizes.


Streetscape & Mobility

In addition, the Alliance will work to ensure freight mobility throughout the neighborhood Building off the City's Bicycle Master Plan and Metro Everett Plan's street typologies, the Alliance is developing streetscape concepts that it hopes will shape public and private upgrades over the next twenty to thirty years.

Stormwater Management & Energy Efficiency

The Alliance is identifying near-term and long-term infrastructure improvements that will better manage stormwater runoff, reduce electricity bills for businesses and residents, improve local food security, and enhance pedestrian safety and comfort through design of roadways and public space.

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