Everett Station District Alliance works with business and property owners and other stakeholders to create a shared vision for infrastructure and policy solutions we need now and for the next 20 years as we prepare for Sound Transit's future light rail station in our neighborhood.


The Alliance is working to with property owners, businesses, and the City to identify new on-street parking restrictions that better meet the needs of businesses.

With the region expecting the Everett Station District neighborhood to accommodate more than 4,000 people over the next twenty years, the Alliance is working to ensure the housing is built, and that it is built in a way that meets a full range of incomes and family sizes.


Building off the City's Bicycle Master Plan and Metro Everett Plan's street typologies, the Alliance is developing streetscape concepts that it hopes will shape public and private upgrades over the next twenty to thirty years. 

Green Infrastructure

The Alliance is setting long-term plans for infrastructure investments that will contribute positively to the environment and civic life, including stormwater raingardens, pea patches, pedestrian plazas and pocket parks, energy efficient buildings, and solar power.

Bicycle Culture

The Alliance is working to foster a bicycle-friendly culture within the neighborhood.