The Board of Directors meets on the third Thursday of every month and provides the overall governance and direction of the organization.

2019 board members


Ed Petersen, President

Tom Hingson, Vice President

Greg Tisdel, Secretary

Cory Burke, Treasurer

Roland Behee

Nick Bratton

Tye Ferrell

Neil Maddy

Allison Warren-Barbour

Gary Watts

Brenda White

Ed Petersen - President 

Ed Petersen is the Founding Executive for HopeWorks Social Enterprises and currently serves as

Chief Strategic Officer. He has been a convener for the Everett Station District Alliance since

June 2014. Ed has a 39 year history as a leader in creating housing and workforce development

solutions throughout the Snohomish County community through two nonprofit corporations,

Housing Hope and HopeWorks.

Tom Hingson - Vice President 

Everett Station has been operating for 15 years. We had great hopes that the station alone would be a catalyst for new development around a busy transit center.  The transit center is thriving but the development has not occurred.  Everett Station is an important community asset and I am committed to working with the ESDA to help the Everett Station District achieve its full potential as a place to own a business, work, live and enjoy.

Greg Tisdel - Secretary

Greg is a property owner and business owner in the Everett Station District. He owns RKLG, a trucking company. As a lifetime resident of Everett, Greg joined the ESDA to support the transformation of the Everett Station District.