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For annual membership dues of $25, individuals, organizations, businesses, and property owners can join the Alliance to build a brighter future for our community.


Members can attend the semi-annual and annual membership meetings, elect board members, vote on bylaws and major organizational policies, join organizational committees, and be part of creating a shared future for our neighborhood. 

If you would like to be an official member for 2021, please complete and submit the form below and pay via PayPal.  If you need to pay by check, feel free to write it out to and send it to ESDA, 3331 Broadway, Everett WA 98201. For further assistance, email Brock at

2021 Members

Members paid so far:

  • Charles Adkins

  • Sabina Araya

  • Erik Ashlie-Vinke

  • Roland Behee

  • Gretchen Benzin

  • Randy Bolerjack

  • Melissa Bostrom

  • Nick Bratton

  • Vince Bruscas

  • James Buchanan

  • Claire Bunney

  • Cory Burke

  • Danielle Cavoto

  • Cathryn Cole

  • Paul Crane

  • Jennifer Cross

  • Molly Fay-Cruz

  • Tye Ferrell

  • Joey Ferrick

  • Mary Fosse

  • Lori Fox

  • Tom Hingson

  • Brock Howell

  • John Hull

  • Eric Irelan

  • Sheldon Johnson

  • James Lee

  • Eileen Lyons

  • Neil Maddy

  • George Marshall

  • Renata Maybruck

  • Steve Oswald

  • John Owen

  • Ed Petersen

  • Paul Pitre

  • Gary Purves

  • Tom Sebastian

  • Joe Sievers

  • Greg Tisdel

  • John Traynor

  • Andrea Tucker-Ernst

  • Chuck Watts

  • Gary Watts

  • Ryan Weber

  • Brenda White

  • Greg Whittle

  • Cat Wilson

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