On-Street Parking Restrictions


The Alliance is working with property owners, businesses, and the City to identify new on-street parking restrictions that better meet the needs of businesses.


In 2019, ESDA audited on-street parking uses and needs within the area of Smith to McDougall Avenues, south of 33rd Street to I-5.  Based on our proposal, Everett Public Works implemented daytime 4-hour parking and no overnight restrictions throughout the area.  Property and business owners have expressed that these new parking restrictions were successful in limiting the number of RVs and other vehicles parking longer that 72 hours and cut down on the number of vehicles out of which drugs and other criminal activity emanated.

2021 Expansion

During the 2019-2020 effort, ESDA heard from many property owners outside of the initial zone that they too would like to see similar parking restrictions in their area.  After an audit and extensive outreach to local business and property owners, ESDA has submitted an expansion proposal to Everett Public Works.