Preparing for the Future


To meet the region's housing and jobs needs, the City of Everett must plan for another 89,000 jobs and 87,000 residents by 2050, with approximately 74% of new residents living near high-capacity transit and 81% of new workers working near it. 


As Everett Station is already the hub of Snohomish County transit and the future terminus of Sound Transit Link Light Rail, our neighborhood holds both a promise and responsibility to the city for equitable and sustainable development.

ESDA leads collaborative stakeholder engagement efforts to ensure we as a neighborhood organization and the City of Everett are prepared to build a prosperous, sustainable, and equitable community while maintaining what's already great about our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Studies & Visioning Efforts


City of Everett Plans

Regional Plans

How do we:

  • Strengthen today's industrial businesses?

  • Meet the region's and city's needs for affordable and abundant housing?

  • Maximize the opportunity of light rail without it harming existing businesses?

  • Build a great urban place where people want to gather?

  • Address climate change?

  • Create a more equitable future?

These are just some of the questions facing our neighborhood.  We're actively studying and engaging stakeholders in conversation.