Programs & Services


We're ​in the process of forming a "business improvement area" that will help ensure the safety, order, and prosperity of the Everett Station District.  With the BIA, we hope to have following programs and services:

Public Safety & Hospitality

Street ambassadors who help people experiencing homelessness and mental illness to connect them with the housing, health, and workforce services.  The ambassadors will be effective intermediaries between police and property and business owners to ensure our neighborhood is welcoming and inviting to all people.

Removal of litter, trash, and graffiti, and regular sweeping.

Parking & Infrastructure Advocacy

Work with city government to implement rational parking restrictions for the benefit of neighborhood businesses, and advocate to regional and state governments for needed transportation infrastructure investments.

Business & Economic Development

Support existing businesses and market the neighborhood for new businesses to locate here and to developers to build here.

Everett Station District Alliance - 3331 Broadway Ave, Everett WA 98201 -