Business Improvement Area Formation









A business improvement area (BIA) is a special assessment district established to maintain and enhance a neighborhood, building a positive reputation that attracts new business, residents, customers and visitors.  Designed as a self-help mechanism, property owners come together to fund safety, cleaning, economic development, and advocacy efforts for the mutual benefit of the neighborhood.


A BIA would invest in needed solutions today for safety, cleaning, parking, and business growth while leveraging other community resources and the coming regional investment of light rail to build a vibrant neighborhood of economic opportunity over the next 30 years.


Public Safety

  • Address property and drug crimes through an eyes-on-the streets approach of District Ambassadors, up to 16 hours per day, seven days per week.

  • Serve as intermediary between property owners, businesses, policy, and people who are homeless or mentally ill to connect them with housing, social, health, and workforce services.


  • Regular removal of litter from sidewalks and public right-of-way.

  • On-call removal of major trash piles, needles, human waste, and graffiti.

  • Coordinated program for removal of pallets.

Build Environment Program

  • Advocate for on-street parking limits that support needs of local businesses.

  • Support parking enforcement against repeat offenders.

  • Develop a shared vision for transportation, housing, and jobs and advocate to local and state governments for investments.

  • Consistently represent and advocate on behalf of district businesses, properties, and residents.

Neighborhood Marketing, Business Development,
and Economic Development

  • Business recruitment and economic development consistent with neighborhood vision.

  • Marketing and promotion of the neighborhood.


  • Ratepayer Advisory Board that approves annual budget.

  • Annual reporting using performance-based metrics.

  • Annual ratepayer meeting.

  • Sunsets after 5 years, requiring city council renewal.

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Are you a property owner who would like to learn more about how a business improvement area could benefit you? 

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BIA Boundary 2020-02-06.png

Boundary subject to change, depending on support within the neighborhood and council decision-making. 

Work Plan   PDF
At the 2019 Annual Membership Meeting, the Alliance adopted its 2020 budget that will implement this work plan for the BIA in 2020.  The budget in this updated work plan reflects a Feb. 6 start date to the BIA.

BIA 2020 Budget (updated 2020-02-07).png

Updated BIA Budget   PDF

The BIA's proposed budget has been updated to an April 16 start date.

Overhead Costs Explained.png

Overhead Cost Explainer  PDF

The ESDA BIA's budgeted overhead costs are 10%, which is significantly lower than other BIAs, including the Downtown Everett Association.

UPDATE: On December 11, 2019, Everett City Council approved the creation of the BIA by a 7-0 vote, with an amended boundary.  To comply with RCW 35.87A.070 for the amended boundary, the Everett City Council was required to hold a second vote.  ESDA then worked to confirm the original signed petitions of support with secondary affidavits of confirmation.  Substantial progress was made in confirming support through affidavit when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early March 2020.  In light of the pandemic, ESDA suspended collecting affidavits and postponed its efforts to form a BIA.  ESDA continues to consider forming a BIA as well as other potential service delivery models.