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Building a great front porch to Everett.

Everett Station District Alliance is a nonprofit organization that's working to enhance the neighborhood around Everett Station by working in partnership with businesses, property owners, residents, associations, public agencies, and other stakeholders to make the neighborhood safer, cleaner, and more inviting to do business, work, commute, and live for all people.

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Where we are

Who we are is defined by our proximity to Everett Station, a major regional transit center in Everett, Washington.  Approximately a half-mile away, I-5 provides a clear eastern boundary, and Downtown Everett and the residential neighborhoods of the Port Gardner Neighborhood provide a western boundary. We welcome all stakeholders to the table who are interested in the success of our area.


We work to keep our neighborhood safe and clean by listening to the concerns of our business and property owners to identify emerging issues and working with the City's police, community outreach, public works, and transit agencies to address these issues.

Business Development

We actively seek ways to support our businesses, organizations, and public agencies in our neighborhood. 



FOR the Future

With a need to grow 89,000 more jobs and 87,000 more residents within the City of Everett by 2050, ESDA is leading collaborative stakeholder engagement to ensure we're prepared to build a prosperous, sustainable, and equitable community while maintaining what's already great about our neighborhood.

Visions & Plans