Our Mission, Vision & Values


​Bring together businesses, property owners, residents, and other stakeholders to creatively solve problems, manage change, and plan for a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous Everett Station District neighborhood.


​The Everett Station District neighborhood will be a vital economic engine for the region; a major regional transit hub; a home for industry and residents; a great place to live, work, and play; and a model for how natural systems can flourish in an urban context, supporting human health and resilience.


​The purpose of the corporation shall be all lawfully allowed purposes of a corporation with charitable status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The primary work of the corporation will include:

  • Convening property owners, businesses, developers, service providers, public officials, residents and other stakeholders to develop a vision for the neighborhood’s future and work together toward it.

  • Serving as a voice for the neighborhood on key issues with government agencies and elected officials.

  • Providing services and programming desired by property owners, business owners, and other stakeholders.

Draft Values Statement

The ESDA invites community members to provide feedback on the following values statement.  We expect to present a final values statement for the membership's consideration at the ESDA's Annual Membership Meeting in December 2020.

  • Social equity. We embrace diversity, promote equity, and invite inclusion of all economic and social sectors of our community.

  • Collaboration. We achieve more by working together.

  • Industry. We value the business activities for creating and selling products which are the neighborhood’s heritage and will continue into the future.

  • Community. We believe in the character and diversity of both people and place are critical to creating a great neighborhood.

  • Growth. We embrace change, encourage new business and residents in our neighborhood, and seek to shape it for future prosperity.

  • Respect. We respect the opinions of all stakeholders and recognize the importance of property rights.

  • Environment. We believe a healthy environment is crucial to human well-being and prosperous businesses in the long-run. 

  • Transparency. We engage in clear, robust, and timely communication to establish a bedrock of trust and confidence.

  • Consensus building. We work toward consensus among stakeholders to generate support for the long-term success of the neighborhood.

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