Our Mission, Vision & Values

The following mission, vision, and values statements are still in draft.  Final language to be adopted by the members at the 2020 Semi-Annual Membership Meeting in June.

  • Convene property owners, businesses, developers, service providers, public officials, and other stakeholders to work together toward a consensus view on the neighborhood's future.

  • Be a voice for the neighborhood in the decision-making of city, county, regional, and state agencies and elected officials.

  • Provide services and programming desired by property and business owners.

  • Working toward consensus among all stakeholders and transparency on our actions are critical for the long-term success of the organization and neighborhood.

  • Current light industrial and related commercial businesses are valuable assets to our city and neighborhood that manufacture and sell needed products and services and provide blue collar jobs, and these economic activities should be supported.

  • Environmentally sustainable and economically diverse neighborhoods are more prosperous in the long-run.

  • A healthy, safe environment is paramount for retaining employees and attracting customers.


  • Current industrial and commercial business continue to prosper.

    • The areas south of 33rd Street will remain primarily for blue color jobs and light industrial and commercial uses.

  • Infill development occurs near Everett Station, especially on properties owned by the city and owned by private property owners who choose to redevelop.  The development will be designed with the following in mind:

    • Pedestrian-friendly walkways and bicycle infrastructure will be easily accessible to the train and bus station. Friendly, attractive, safe, walkable connections up the hill to the Downtown.

    • Open space (pocket parks) for children, adults, and seniors, will be a safe, attractive, and inviting feature of the neighborhood

    • Everett Station area will be valued and utilized by commuters, residents and employees.

    • The ability to commute to and from work will incentivize significant job growth in proximity to the station.

Everett Station District Alliance - 3331 Broadway Ave, Everett WA 98201 - brock@everettstationdistrict.com