Vision for the Everett Transit Station Area


The Everett Station District Alliance began meeting in June 2014 and became a formal nonprofit in July 2017. Its purpose is to contribute ideas for stimulating the development of a vibrant community in the Station area. The City of Everett created the Everett Transit Station and a vision for the Station area through a process of significant community engagement. It included a vision statement in its 2005 Comprehensive Plan. The opportunity now exists to build on this vision toward ideas that will incentivize development and move the area toward becoming a genuine transit-oriented neighborhood. A broadly endorsed vision will enhance opportunities for zoning decisions, development incentives, pilot projects and investments that work toward achieving the vision. 


Our Vision


  • Residential units, located over ground-level businesses, will have a significant presence near the transit station

  • Pedestrian-friendly walkways and bicycle infrastructure will be easily accessible to the train and bus station

  • Open space (pocket parks) for children, adults, and seniors, will be a safe, attractive, and inviting feature of the neighborhood

  • Friendly, attractive, safe, walkable connections up the hill to the Downtown

  • Everett area will be valued and utilized by commuters, residents and employees in the station area.

  • The ability to commute to and from work will incentivize significant job growth in proximity to the station.

Everett Station District 20 Year Vision